Diary of a Mummy Misfit - Amanda Egan

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Ever felt like you don't belong?

When Libby Marchant and husband Ned made the monumental decision to sacrifice luxuries and holidays to see their only son Max through private education, they hadn’t expected to meet so many unsavoury and dislikeable personalities along the way.

Happily, the cruel jibes of the pompous ‘Meemies’ are made more tolerable by the lasting and loyal friendship they strike up with the affluent Fenella & Josh.

Follow Libby’s journey as she discovers the chasm between the Haves and the Have-Nots in her mad new world of school committees, designer handbags, bitching and botox.

With Fenella by her side, Libby is able to maintain her sanity. But what happens when the credit crunch bites, you’re desperate for another baby and your Asian neighbour is trying to match-make you with her infatuated son?

My TBR list was spiralling out of control and I kept putting them away to do Author requests, recommendations or new purchases. So, I decided to take some time out and read for me. The book of choice to start with being 'Diary of a Mummy Misfit'. I'd heard so much about it on the book grapevine and couldn't wait to get stuck in.

One sitting later and here I am writing this. I loved it! Loved absolutely every minute of it. It is hysterically funny and I actually started to believe I was sneak peaking into someone's personal diary.

The diary belongs to Max's mum and Ned's wife Libby. Libby who dotes on her little family, adores wine and a crafty fag, and who has the most amazing support network of friends and family around her by far.
(Little green eyed by that I was)

We read how Libby faces the consequences of putting her Darling Max into private school to try give him a better future. By doing this though means losing all luxuries and relying on savings. Can they survive? Will they survive? More so, would it actually be worth it?

You will be pulled into the mad world of a mother who desperately wants to fit in but doesn't. See her ways of taking on the world and winning. You'll probably see some of the things that most of us have been subjected through in our own lives as mothers and our own school runs in it too. The sniggers and stares from the snobby mums, the heartbreak when your child doesn't get included in certain things, the overall vileness that some people bring to that menacing silver fence twice a day. Horrible Bitches :)

Getting back to it.
It's seriously non stop giggles, it makes you feel like a naughty schoolgirl because you do and say the stuff that's written. The names for the other mums or the ones you don't know, the bitching about the cows at the gate. You know the score, don't even pretend you don't haha.

The references throughout the book to many things just have you seriously lost in your own head as well as Libby's. You connect with her totally because of this and because it's all so real. My favourite bits hands down have to be the telling of Libby's sexual bribery with Ned for things we don't need or want. Love the hatred of Nigella Lawson or MG has she's now known. Fabulously brutal, fabulously honest.

The book is really well written and with the quirk of it remaining as a diary not a full on book makes it more appealing.
The characters are all well balanced and unique in their own ways. Bouncing off of each other and making their own little contributions into Libby's days to allow her to write about them, giving us something seriously brilliant. My personal favourite from the characters has to be Mrs. Sengupta from next door, she's absolutely hysterical and I would love her to move next to me.

Hand on heart one of the funniest books I've read in a long time.
Serious brill read, so glad I finally got round to it. My only problem now is, do I plunge straight into the sequel or not?


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