Dare To Lose - E.L. Lindley

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For Nicola Mills, approaching middle age doesn’t seem so bad as she enjoys the settled, ordered life she has always dreamed of. Cracks start to appear, however, with the arrival of her mother, whose chaotic life threatens to overshadow Nicola’s routine. Life becomes even more uncertain when she loses her job but, encouraged by her friend Lizzie, Nicola embraces the opportunity to follow her dream and opens a seafront cafe. Fate it seems has other ideas though and, when one of her of her employees goes missing, Nicola is thrown into a dangerous world of crime and murder, which leaves her dreams in tatters. 
Dare To Lose, is a novel about friendship, loyalty and strength in the face of adversity. By losing everything, will Nicola finally be able to live?

When 48 year old Nicola Mills unexpectedly quits her job as a teacher she puts her dreams of owning a cafe into play and opens up shop. With everything running smoothly and going fabulous life quickly comes crashing down around her when her waitress Jess goes missing and her American father arrives causing Nicola's world and heart to quickly start spiralling out of control.


Oooohh what a wild and wonderful book we have here. Dare to lose not being something I'd usually go for had me gripped. I ended up thinking oh my god, Love it already, hope it stays like this once the plot started to take hold. It's a whirlwind of drugs and crime with a bit of romance thrown in for extras. It's truly an exciting, witty and fantastic read.


My only issue with it being that it starts really fast making the flow not right, it seemed like I was being rushed to read it. Once it starts to slow down though when you get to the actual story it does become perfect in flow and consistency. Maybe a prologue would have been better then starting at the presence. 


I am really impressed with Dare to lose and I really looking forward to reading more by E.L. Lindley. She's really got a good mind and I really loved her sense of humour that's portrayed with sarcastic comments throughout the book.


I recommend this to you all. I'm not a crime girl as you know, but I'm glad I read this. 


Tea & cake with a side of cocaine and kidnapping. Brilliant.



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