Disconnected - Lisa. M. Cronkhite

Source: Courtesy of Poisoned Pencil


Seventeen-year-old Milly has a huge problem on her hands. She is being bullied by Amelia Norris. Day in and day out, Amelia torments Milly and even threatens to hurt her, but she can’t tell anyone—not a soul. Milly’s reasoning—she does not want anyone to know where her tormentor lives. They only share one thing in common. Both co-exist as one in the same body. Milly is so disconnected from her past that she feels compelled to find out what truly happened to her when her parents were still alive. After a mysterious fire, she and Grandpa George move into Aunt Rachel's Victorian home where Milly then begins to unravel puzzling clues to her family history. Through dreams and scattered memories, Milly journals her breaking story, trying to cope by putting the shattered pieces back together, all the while resisting with her inner demon. Amelia is determined to cut Milly out of the real world—literally.

Milly starts to wonder who her real family is after stumbling across Aunt Rachel’s notebook—having the intuitive sense that something terribly awful is missing. All she had thought to be true now seems like one big lie


I have never ever in my life read anything like this. It is by far the most inspiring thing I have ever set my eyes upon. Mental illness is something that is not generally spoken about, why? I don't know, but myself personally think it should be.


Lisa. M. Cronkite has done something beyond amazing with Disconnected. She has given people who don't really understand or people who do understand or people who are too scared to understand something to think about, something to look at in a different way. On top of that she has written a top story that is shockingly wrong, but absolutely right. I am in awe right now.I truly, truly am.


I urge you all to read this book.


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