Cupidity - Holly Hepburn

Source: Review copy from Author


What if Cupid fell out of love with love?

Cupid is exhausted. Modern day matchmaking is tough – people are busy, their hearts are harder to hit and he’s had enough of wall-to-wall romance. And St Valentine has noticed…

Annelise is a Lost Cause. She runs a dating agency but her heart is colder than a penguin’s feet. She thinks love is about compatibility and has no time for passion.

Can Cupid prove to St Valentine that he hasn’t lost his touch by melting Annelise’s heart? Or is it curtains for Cupid?

I'm well turning into a softie in my old age you know. I seriously just got all gooey inside and smiley faced when I finished this book.


Cupidity watches Cupid sent to earth to reinstate his love for his job. Not only that though, he has to prove to St.Valentine and the powers that be that he is still capable of doing his job. His instructions being he is to go back to basics meaning no power and no golden arrow to find love for ice hearted Annalise Hart. Annalise however, after a nasty heartbreak in her college years has well and truly given up on love and has her heart armour protected. If Cupid can't do it and in the required 7 days given, he will be punished by becoming mortal forever.


This book is brilliant. It's short, gripping, funny and has a unique and fantastic plot. I was a bit wary of it at first if I'm being totally honest, I thought it was going to be cheesy and far too girly, I was proper chuffed I was wrong. I'm proper made up I've got another book to go in my favourite's collection. 


If you're looking for something light and quirky then this is ideal for you. I can guarantee you will giggle and smile throughout it.




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