Cinderella's Buttons - Amanda Egan

Source: Personal Copy

‘The Tideswell Players’ are all set for their debut amateur dramatics production and it’s going to wake up their sleepy little village. 


Will Gemma realise that not all men are pigs? 

Can Fliss put her heart on defrost? 

When will Cheryl learn to be less of a Wannabe? 

Who will love Ramsey, the only gay in the village? 

What does it all hold for Martin? 

And will Theo stop being ‘too nice’? 


Join them as they discover that the scene may be set and the script written, but anything can happen when the magic of the theatre casts its spell.

Aahh Christmas books! Or in this case Christmas novella!


Being a fan of Amanda Egan I straight away downloaded Cinderella's Buttons to be part of my Christmas book showdown. At first I wasn't too sure if I'd got it right and that it was an actual Christmas book, but as I got more into it the Christmas cheer became apparent.


Cinderella buttons reads from six different characters. Five being from the small and dreary town of Tideswell. One from London but who is at the village for Christmas to spend it with his mother and to help her with her am/dram production of Cinderella.


Full of diverse, bold and gorgeous characters you slip into a comfortable and secure place as one of the villagers yourself sitting back watching the gossip, tears, joy and love that Christmas brings.



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