Because I had so much fun in my last readathon (YALCReadathon)

I thought I would do another. This time though it is not an official tour just something I'm doing.

I decided on calling it Carinathon because from 02/07/2014 -10/07/2014 I will be reading nothingbut Carina books.

I have a stockpile of them on my TBR and I can't think of a better way to push me through them. I have 18 books to try get through. 

Wish me luck.


P.S.. I t was supposed to be until the 10th, but due to my health I had to tahe 2 days off. So now I will be running it until the 12th to still have 10 full days :)


So, I only managed 10 books :( 

Just click on the book to read review.

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