Can't live without - Joanne Phillips

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Stella Hill is proud of the home she's created for herself and her daughter. She's worked hard to buy the very best of everything ... But when she wakes one morning to find her kitchen on fire, Stella knows her life will never be the same again. 

At least she has Paul to lean on: Paul Smart, owner of Smart Homes, confirmed bachelor and unknowing recipient of a schoolgirl crush Stella never quite got over ... When the charismatic John Dean turns up after sixteen years, Stella is determined not to fall for him again. Because now her heart belongs elsewhere. Or does it?

With a boss she's half in love with, a teenage daughter about to go seriously off the rails, a spendaholic mother, and a house to rebuild, Stella's problems are only just beginning. 

Can Stella put her life - and her home - back together again? And will she ever realise just what it is she really can't live without?

There's always a book you find that when you read it, it becomes more reality than fiction. I know most books do that they're supposed too, but I mean the ones were you forget it's not real. Can't live without to me is a perfect example of that book.


I loved that it was told by three different people, firstly and mainly being Stella, Secondly her daughter Lipsy, and third and finally Stella's boss and long-term friend Paul. Getting each individual thoughts and narrative increases the overall plot and has you enjoying it a lot more. 


It's seriously a witty and British humoured book which again I loved. Regardless of the seriousness of some of the situations you read about you still end up guiltily giggling and Stella's dry remarks and comments. Its non stop drama and constantly has more little twists keeping you intrigued. It has you gripped from the very beginning and has you thinking about what's really important in life. 


If you want funny, intelligent and a full on romance with lots of drama this is the book for you. 



Can't live without

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