Thank you all for joining me today on my stop on Paige Toon's Thirteen Weddings blog tour. Of course I have the usual author bio and book blurb, but best of all I have a deleted scene for you. I know, how totally amazing is that? I love it, hope you do too.


Okay, let's get going.

We'll start by looking at the book. I do have to admit, I am only 70% through right now, but I am absolutely loving it. I actually don't want it to end.




Thirteen Weddings Blurb:

 Bronte never expected to see Alex after their one night together, but she never stopped thinking of him. So when she arrives at work one day to find that Alex is a new colleague, she is secretly thrilled. The only problem is that Alex is now engaged to Zara, the girl he was on a break from the night they met.Determined to move on with life, Bronte becomes a part-time wedding photographer, alongside her day job. Surrounded by loving couples, warring couples, tearful bridesmaids, mischievous pageboys and interfering mothers-in-law, she tries to navigate her way through wedding after wedding while her heart is being torn apart. As Alex's own wedding day draws ever nearer, Bronte and Alex's chemistry becomes harder to ignore, and Bronte must decide whether to fight for the man she loves, or to let him go forever.



About author Paige Toon

Paige was born in 1975 and with her father’s career as a racing driver meant that she grew up between Australia, England and America. She worked at heat magazine for eight years as Reviews Editor, but left to have a baby.

Now a full-time author and freelance journalist. She lives in North London with her husband Greg, son Indy and daughter Idha.


Deleted Scene - Lachie & Uncle Bob


Thirteen Weddings is about a wedding photographer – Bronte – who falls in love with a groom, Alex. But in the months leading up to Alex’s wedding, Bronte also starts to have feelings for flirtatious, guitar-wielding wedding singer, Lachie.


This scene was originally at the end of the ‘Uncle Bob’ wedding, but my editor thought it went on for too long. I always do everything she says (because she’s brilliant) but if you want a little more Lachie action, hopefully you’ll appreciate this extended scene. The following takes place when Bronte and her boss, Rachel, are on a break, just before Lachie is due to go on as a wedding singer.


‘What’s up, girls?’

I look up to see Lachie standing in the kitchen doorway, his guitar bag slung over his shoulder.

‘Hey!’ He’s a welcome sight after all of the Bob crap.

‘Are they nearly ready for me to do my thing?’ he asks

‘In a bit,’ Rachel replies with a warm smile. ‘They’re just finishing up dinner.’

‘No worries, I’ll just hang about.’ He pulls up a chair and sits down. He’s wearing all black today: black, slightly faded skinny jeans, a black T-shirt and a black beanie. I impulsively reach over and whip it off his head.


‘It’s too hot for this.’

‘Are you saying I’m hot enough?’ he asks cheekily, grabbing me around my waist and pulling me onto his lap.

‘The girls last night at the pub seemed to think so,’ I reply drily, hitting his stomach and climbing back off again.

‘Not jealous, are ya?’ he says with a grin, raking his hands through his hair to mess it up.

‘You wish,’ I reply.

Rachel rolls her eyes at us.

‘So what’s going on?’ he asks.

I fill him in about Uncle Bob.

‘Sounds like a wanker.’

I turn to Rachel. ‘Did you hear him ask me what lens I was using during the speeches?’

‘No, really?’

‘Yeah. “Aren’t you using a flash for that?”’ I imitate him.

‘Just ignore him,’ she says again.

‘“How many do you think you’ve taken?”’ I imitate him again in a dumb voice.

Rachel looks amused. Lachie chuckles.

At that point the venue co-ordinator comes in to let us know that it’s almost time for the first dance.

We all walk together to the marquee.

‘Catch you later,’ Lachie says, breaking away from us to go and set up near the dance floor.

I’m not sure who gets more attention: the bride and groom or Lachie. That’s one definite downside to having such a hot wedding singer. The bridesmaids in particular are spellbound – I photograph their enraptured faces with amusement.

‘So when are we going to see these, then?’ Bob interrupts with a smug grin, nodding at my camera.

‘Usually in about three weeks,’ I reply, bristling.

‘Three weeks?’ he cries, incredulously. ‘What takes you so long?’

Don’t take the bait… Don’t take the bait… ‘We have thousands and thousands of photos to process. We don’t just chuck them all on a CD and post it to the bride and groom.’

He humphs. ‘Well, I don’t like making my brides and grooms wait that long. My shots will be up on the internet tomorrow.’

I bet they will.

How boss is that ay?

I can't thank Paige and Simon & Schuster enough for inviting me onto this fabulous tour. 


Don't forget you can get in touch with Paige via the links underneath.

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