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I am lucky enough to be part of this blog tour for this fantastic book. I am honestly blown away it, It is without a doubt a 2014 book of the year for us bloggers.

So, today I will tell you a bit about author Ella Harper and give you the details of Pieces of You. Obviously you'll then get my review.

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About author Ella Harper

As a shy teenager, Ella Harper found ways to escape by learning foreign languages, imagining she might eventually get a glamorous job speaking French. After completing a BA in French and Russian Studies, she found herself following in her father's footsteps into banking, seduced by the excitement and glamour of that world.

But after eight years, when Ella started idly mapping out the beginnings of a novel on an old laptop, and soon realised her characters were more real to her than dividends and corporate actions ever could be, she left her job to become a writer. Eight years later, and Ella has published four hugely popular novels under the name Sasha Wagstaff.

You can contact Ella and buy her books in both names using the links below.

About Pieces of you

Pieces of You is the heart-wrenching debut novel from Ella Harper that tackles hard-hitting questions about the impact of unexplained fertility and IVF on relationships.

Is it a women’s prerogative to want a baby at any price? How does unexplained infertility and IVF effect men? What are the consequences when a man’s once passionate relationship with their partner can feel like it has become about nothing more than being a sperm donor? These powerful topics are skilfully dealt with in Pieces Of You as Lucy Harte’s obsession with having a child starts tearing her relationship with her husband Luke apart but, tragically, she doesn’t realise it until it is too late.


Thirty-something Lucy and Luke Harte, have everything – jobs they love, a great home, lovely family and friends – except the one thing they want the most: a baby. After eight miscarriages and years of disappointment, their luck has finally turned. Lucy is nearly four months pregnant – the furthest she has ever got – and both she and Luke are ecstatic. But fate has another plan for Lucy and, on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Luke is involved in a horrific car accident.


As Luke lies in a coma, Lucy tries, with the support of her mother-in-law Patricia, best friend Dee and sister-in-law Nell, to hold everything together. But life for Lucy and the Harte family is about to change more than they could ever have imagined when Stella, a colleague of Luke’s, turns up at the hospital pregnant with his baby…

My review

Erm.. Wow! Like, seriously oh my fucking god wow. I have never in my entire life read a book this soul destroying and heart breaking. It is without a doubt one of the most beautifully written and thought provoking books ever! It is fast, dramatic, inspiring, jaw droppingly amazing, with a family of characters expertly written and positioned to give this book a charm, and warmth that you straight away can relate too. I am seriously in awe right now. 


I need to say that I did not read the blurb on this book, and I spotted a review that said under no circumstances to read it as it gave most of it away, so now I've seen it and read it, I would definitely advise against it. You need to go in blindfolded. Well, saying that you probably still would be left reeling from it even if you did so, yeah, erm.. 


So, Pieces Of You closely follows the marriage of florist Lucy Harte and her paramedic husband Luke as they struggle mentally and physically trying for a baby. After eight years and just as many miscarriages, it's coming up to their last IVF treatment, so as you can imagine it's a tough and tense time. Luke and Lucy have the most intense, gorgeous love that you can come across. They are straight up soulmates and even after a good lengthy relationship they are still smitten, and in total awe of each other. A baby to them would be the dream, the icing on the cake, the best thing they could ever achieve. When Luke is in an accident that leaves him in a coma, and Lucy has had to come to terms with something pretty big herself, life for Lucy turns drastically sour. When trainee Doctor Stella arrives at Luke's bedside one day with a secret so huge it may just push Lucy over the edge. 


Still proper gobsmacked with this one you know? Seriously, I keep putting me pen down and staring into space thinking about it all, and more so sitting here thinking what would I do? I seriously even asked my husband what he would do! 


It is a story so unbelievably huge and powerful about love, life and how much a person can be pushed in the name of love. 


You know what, sod it. I can't write a proper review for it. I can't. I'm just going to end up waffling crap and repeating myself. So, I'll stop here and I'll tell you that this is a book so unbelievably raw that you have to read it, then you have to tell your friends and family to read it too. This, I can more or less guarantee is my book of 2014 because it is going to take something emotionally life changing to top it. As a debut novel I am stunned. Ella Harper is most definitely a name to be looking out for.



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