Brooklyn Girls, Pia - Gemma Burgess

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Jobless. Clueless. Topless on Facebook.


Welcome to New York City.


Pia Keller is not living the dream. Unemployed, unemployable and broke, post-Uni life in a Brooklyn townhouse with her four best friends suddenly isn't so easy.

And that's before heartbreaks, hipsters, all-nighters, one-nighters, food trucks, screw-ups, loan sharks and jail-time make things a whole lot more complicated...


Who knew adulthood would be so damn grown-up?

I need it to be 2014 already. I want Brooklyn girls Angie now.

OK, so if like me you didn't know that Brooklyn girls Pia was the start of a series and not just a new novel by Gemma Burgess, well it is, and it's the start of something totally amazing. When I realised at the end of the book that there was more to come I loved the book even more, does that make sense? Well it does to me anyway :)


So Brooklyn girls-Pia follows princess, party girl and spoilt brat Pia on her journey of self discovery. When she's fired from her job mummy and daddy had secured for her they cut off bank of mum and dad and tell her she had only a few weeks to sort herself out with a job and show them she is capable of looking after herself if not she is to return to the family home in Zurich where she will be set up with a job. With the help of her housemates and friends Angie, Coco, Madeleine and Julie, we watch her face constant catastrophes as she tries to find work and stay in New York. 


From the very first page you are thrown into a whirlwind of proper in your face drama. You end up in a very bizarre but wonderful world in a old fashioned house in Brooklyn. The plot is unique, descriptions and back plots surrounding the housemates are also fabulous and you find yourself connecting to each housemate for their own little quirks and storys. What I liked about this book greatly is that it not only was fun, and full of the usual romance girly stuff, it holds a hidden depth of insecurities and secrets. This makes you wonder about real life and your own circle of friends who we may sometimes take advantage of. They are our lifeline like Pia realises in Brooklyn girls.

I do have one criticism though, I couldn't bare the silly names used throughout. They really started to grate on me. In the end I by passed them to not let them effect my joy. Saying that though, it does give the book it's quirkiness and I suppose I'm just being a miserable old cow, ignore me haha. That isn't enough to make me deduct points though. The overall story and feel to the book had me hooked and reeled in. Well done Gemma.


I recommend this book to all ages and anyone who wants a good, in-depth, spiral of destruction, funny, quirky, lovely book.




Unfortunately, Brooklyn Girl isn't available until July 4th. Don't worry though you can still pre-order it now to make sure you get it on publication day.

Brooklyn Girl - Pia

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