Who is the Book Geek in Pajamas?

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Hiya, Welcome to my book reviewing/pretend blog site. 


​My name is Natalie McCormack and I am 31 years old, on a good day I feel about 21 and on a bad day 71. I'm first and foremost mother to my two gorgeous boys, and wife to the most strongest man ever, my David. I am The Book Geek Wears Pajamas, or PajamaBookGirl to many in the book blogging world.

I must warn you that I am a terrible waffler. Honest to god, I am. I write how I speak, well nearly how I speak. I'm sure if I went harsh scouse you'd get confused. Not like the scouse you hear on the telly like, oh god no. I just proper get ahead of myself and start waffling on.

Anyway, I decided to start reviewing for a two reasons. 1: Because I'm a bad book geek. 2: To keep me sane. Now, I know that sounds strange, but it's the truth. I was diagnosed in 2002 and 2004 with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction in my pregnancies. Such a horrible condition and I'm sure you will all know someone who's had it. Well, because I like to be different my body decided it didn't want to go back to how it should have after delivery. Years and years passed and the silly pains in my groin, the grinding of the SP bones and the pressure in my back continued, but you just get on with it don't you? So when in 2011 I took my first fall - I was running up the stairs with washing and next thing I couldn't feel my legs and was at the bottom again. It took about five to ten minutes for feeling to return, but it was a disgusting feeling for at least an hour before it went back too normal - it went tits up. I was sent for many different tests, scans, X-rays, and was diagnosed yet again with SPD. Without pregnancy this is very uncommon. I did everything I was told to and more to try strengthen my muscles and retain my mobility, but nothing worked. Physio sent me away saying they were only aggravating it more and hurting me in the process. I was having numerous operations to see if they could repair the damage in my pelvis, but unfortunately my bones are'nt strong enough to the accept the metal plates and screws needed to bind back the pubic bone and keep it secure. My specialist didn't see the point in even trying it as it would have been for nothing. So, basically I have to get on with it. Year after year I get worse, and now I'm basically bed-bound, rarely going out and when I do it's in my wheelchair. I now have Arthritis in my hips and pubis. Degenerative Disc Disease, and Nerve Damage to my legs, arms and back. All resulting from my dodgy broken pelvis.

As you can imagine it's not very nice and I'm usually off me head on my medication - Morphine Queen here. I was sinking into a bad depression. Reading was my life line. It allowed me freedom, it gave me the chance to live again through the characters. Reviewing gave me something to concentrate on, something to get myself out of my funk. I am ever so glad I did it because it really does help. Of course there are days when I can't even lift a book, but it's OK, I know I always have something exciting waiting.

People ask why I chose the name The BookGeek Wears Pajamas. Well it's pretty self explanatory after that story isn't it? It is obviously also a twist on Lauren Weisberger's The Devil Wears Prada.


Big hugs go to author, Trisha Ashley. Who without I wouldn't have had the courage to even attempt to start.


I hope you enjoy my reviews and will take the time to follow me on twitter/Facebook and come have a chat.

Thanks for stopping by.



The Book Geek Wears Pajamas