Boys Don't Knit - T.S. Easton

Source: Review Copy courtesy of HotKey Books

Blurb: Ben Fletcher must get to grips with his more 'feminine' side following an unfortunate incident with a lollipop lady and a stolen bottle of Martini Rosso from Waitrose. All a big misunderstanding of course. To avoid the Young Offenders unit, Ben is ordered to give something back to the community and develop his sense of social alignment. Take up a hobby and keep on the straight and narrow. The hot teacher he likes runs a knitting group so Ben, reluctantly at first, gets 'stuck in'. Not easy when your dad is a sports fan and thinks Jeremy Clarkson is God. To his surprise, Ben finds that he likes knitting and that he has a mean competitive streak. If he can just keep it all a secret from his mates...and notice that the girl of his dreams, girl-next-door Megan Hooper has a bit of a thing for him...


I honestly have not giggled and laughed out loud at a book for a long time. From page one of Boys Don't Knit I was giggling as an adult, but cringing as the teenager I was many years ago. I got that engrossed in a certain part that my eyes bulged, I couldn't read fast enough and my heart was beating ten to the dozen. I realised I was engrossed in Knitting and was highly amused with myself. Knitting please? 


As a YA book I believe this will be very popular with teenagers, but I think their parents will absolutely adore it more. As I've already stated it takes you back to your teens in parts and you have no choice but to get involved. It really is a fun book, but with a lovely outlook on love, family, friendships and bonds that you make in life. I was expecting a fun kiddy book, but what I got was something a lot more. 


I can't recommend this book enough to you. We're all young at heart and a little mischievous so this is right up our street. Pretend to buy it for your kid or young family member, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Dangerous lollypop lady with an 8 foot knitting needle, Frank Lampard, A sexy school teacher with crooked teeth, boxes of yarn, troublesome friend, a dreaded tea cosy, fifty shades of Gray-am and a bottle of Martini Rossi what more could you want? 



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