Be Careful What You Wish For - Gemma Crisp

Source: Review copy from Allen & Unwin

Everything seems to be going right for Nina - hot boyfriend, a sparkling social life and a dream job in the glamorous world of magazines. Surely nothing could possibly spoil this perfect picture? A fun and fast-paced new novel from the editor of CLEO.

When Nina Morey gets her perfectly pedicured toe on the first rung of the highly-competitive magazine publishing ladder, she can't believe her luck.

Then she lands the hottest man in town AND her best friend relocates from the other side of the world to help her paint the town neon pink. Nina's life has suddenly turned from dull to dream come true.

Soon she's scaling the magazine ladder faster than you can say 'Anna Wintour', securing dream job after dream job, while schmoozing her way around Sydney's hottest spots.

Life is good. What could possibly go wrong?

Be careful what you wish for follows the career and life of Nina Morey as she works her way up the publication chain of numerous magazines. When things one by one start crashing down around her and her life starts taking a nosedive how can she possibly be pulled out of the rubble?


You know the saying there's a very fine line between confidence and arrogance? Well that is exactly the phrase needed to represent Nina Morey during her chaotic magazine journey. A sweet, caring and lovely girl turns into an egotistical, arrogant, monster. So wrapped up in her high flying career she doesn't see her BestFriend/cousin Tess needing serious help, her second Best friend Johan turning into a shadow of his former self and her boyfriend Jeremy struggling to cope with her constant mood swings.


This book is really good. It's full to bursting point of bitchiness and partying, but also offers a softer side too. All characters are well balanced and all bring something new and different to the table. A mixture of quirky, lovable, funny and vile it has someone for everyone to connect with personally.


The strange thing about this book is that even though it is slow paced,  for some reason that didn't bother me at all. Maybe because it's really well written and has numerous different sides to it,  I don't know. 


This is a perfect beach read or even a lazy summer garden read.

A great girly book bursting with designer clothes, drama and gin.



Be Careful What You Wish For

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