Blue Christmas Balls - Nick Spalding

Source: Personal Copy

Christmas is coming and Matt Bunion is on a mission. Somehow, he's made the huge mistake of remaining a virgin well into his twenties - a grievous error he fully intends to rectify before the Queen's speech starts.


But it's not going to be easy...


What with strange requests to molest living room furniture, painfully inserted action figures, and an extremely festive lady of the night, Matt will be lucky to reach Boxing Day with his pride and manhood still intact.

Twenty Seven year old Matt is a virgin. Determined to lose his virginity he gives himself a date to have the deed done and dusted by Christmas.


We are firstly introduced to Matt as he tells us about his disastrous love light and failed sexual activity. We then watch him on his journey of sexual finding which for Matt only ends up in continuous disasters.
I like Nick Spalding, I've enjoyed his work before and as Blue Christmas Balls is advertised as a laugh out loud comedy novella I had extremely high hopes for it. Let's just say I was near the end of the book and I was yet to have laughed or even smiled for that matter. It's like a try too hard to be funny book I really didn't like it unfortunately.



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