Anything to Have You - Paige Harbison

Source: Courtesy of Mira Ink


You can’t always choose who you love…


Natalie and Brooke have been best friends forever. Brooke is the life of the party but Natalie has always been content to be the quiet one – until one night and one party, leads to Natalie waking up with Brooke’s boyfriend Aiden.


Now Natalie is faced with the two hardest decisions of her life – her best friend or the boy who gets her in ways she can’t explain? The college future she planned or the biggest responsibility she’ll ever have to face?



What a great YA read. Totally up-to date with teenage sayings, attitudes and situations.

I enjoyed it lot even though some things were pretty obvious, it still had me wanting to read on and liking it. It's interesting and diverse and tackles some difficult situations which have been dealt with by Paige Harbison brilliantly. Told by both Natalie and Brooke's point of view fitted perfectly with the plot as you get to see both girls as they are, and also as they see each other which allows you to connect with them more. The other characters in the book are well written and bring a lot to the table. It really is packed full of drama, secrets and the ultimate test that a friendship will see.


I did, however, have two issues with it though, and they are the fast rushed ending and the title of the book. I just can't see how the title fits at all. When you read it you will see why.


Fun, fast, teenage drama with lots of bitching, secrets and insecurities.


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